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Shenzhen ECON Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 09, 2015

Simple Inverter can only adjust motor speed, and can then open-loop or closed-loop control and inverter, this is v/f control method in the traditional sense. Now many of frequency has through mathematics model of established, will exchange motor of stator magnetic field UVW3 phase into for can control motor speed and turned moment of two a current of component, now most can for torque control of famous brand of frequency device are is used such way control torque, UVW each phase of output to added Moore effect of current detection device, sampling feedback Hou constitute closed ring negative feedback of current ring of PID regulation; ABB of frequency and proposed and such way different of directly turned moment control technology, Please check out the information. So you can not only control of motor speed control motor torque and speed control accuracy is better than v/f control, encoder feedback is also available without, and control accuracy and better response a lot.

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