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Stepper Motor Incorrect Position Problem Analysis

Shenzhen ECON Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 26, 2017

Stepper Motor Incorrect Position Problem Analysis

Stepper motor position is not accurate problem to analyze:

1) The general stepper driver has a certain requirement for the direction and the pulse signal,such as: the direction signal

microseconds before the first pulse rising edge or falling edge (different drive requirements are not the same) arrival should be determined,otherwise there is a pulse of the operation angle is opposite with the actual need direction,the final failure phenomenon is more and more deviation,the smaller micro-step the more obvious,the solution is to use software to change the logic of the pulse or add delay.

2) As the stepper motor characteristics determine the initial speed can not be too high,especially with big load inertia circumstances,the proposed initial speed below 1r / s,so the impact is small,the same if acceleration is too big,have large impact on the system too,easy overshoot,lead to incorrect positioning;motor forward and reverse should be a certain pause time,if not,will cause the reverse acceleration too large,and lead to overshoot.

3)Adjust the value of the compensation according to the actual situation,(because the timing belt with a large deformation,so when change the direction,need to add some compensation).

4) Appropriate increase stepping motor current,improve the stepping motor controller voltage (pay attention to select stepping drive)

,select a larger torque stepper motor.

5)System interference caused motion controller or stepper motor driver malfunction,we can only find ways to find the source of interference,reduce its interference (such as shielding,increase the distance,etc.),cut off the transmission,improve their resistance interference ability,common measures as following:

① with double-shielded shield cable instead of ordinary wire,the system signal cable with large current or large voltage changing wire to wire separately,reduce the electromagnetic interference.

② with the power filter to filter out the interference from the grid,under the allowing conditions,the input side of the major power supply equipment plus power filters to reduce the interference between the various devices within the system.

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