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Stepper Motor Cumulative Error On Mechanical

Shenzhen ECON Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 03, 2017

 Stepper Motor Cumulative Error On Mechanical

The mechanical cumulative error of the stepper motor may cause by following reasons:

1,the mechanical transmission error,it is the most common reason at current;

2,due to improper selection or motor quality problems cause stall or step lost;

3,the acceleration curve is too steep,resulting in a small number of steps do not come out,but do not produce gambling 

turn,so the user can not find visually;

4,the user design ideas exist error,immediately stop after detect sensor,no slowdown,resulting in motor overshoot and equipment have cumulative error;

5,the controller to the drive signal transmission is partial interferenced,resulting in signal loss or error signal;

6,there is a phenomenon relatively rare,we found some users that use multiple stepper motors for one device,power supply is insufficient,so occasionally more than one stepper motor work at the same time,leading to stepper motor drive power supply current shortage,torque down,a few pulse do not work out.This phenomenon is easily overlooked,and in the process of checking and judging is not easy to find.

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