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Spain Customer Test The Multi-Axis Closed Loop Stepper Drive And Nema17 Nema24 Closed Loop Stepper Motor

Shenzhen ECON Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 11, 2018

Spain customer Test The Multi-Axis Closed loop Stepper drive and Closed loop Stepper motor

This Spain customer is the first time to test our company multi-axis step servo motor controller(4 axis),they take the nema17&0.4Nm and nema24&4Nm step servo motor to work with the multi-axis hybrid servo drive.Actually,when the machines are 3 or 4 axis, multi-axis drive is a good selection,as the performance is very stable now,and can save cost,also save space.Shenzhen ECON Technology TS508-D has below features:

●Advanced 64bit DSP dual core technology

●Four hybrid servo motors can be synchronous or separately controlled via RS485

●Auto recognized the property of hybrid servo motor after power up.

●Work smoothly, high torque output at medium/high speed; fast response ,and low heating ,low vibration.

● 0—10VDC analog input for speed mode,and support IO speed control function.(customized)

●Adopt advanced variable current and variable frequency technology, it can reduce motor and drive heating and vibration

●The max pulse frequency is 500KHZ,(the default is 200KHZ)

●The two motors can be controlled by one pulse command or two separately channels pulse command.

●The voltage of input pulse is 4.5vdc—28vdc, no need connect any resistor
●Work smoothly, high torque output at medium/high speed; fast response ,and low heating ,low vibration.



To get more information about TS508-D,click below link to have a review.

Multi-Axis closed loop stepper drive

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