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AC Servo Control System For Drilling And Tapping Machine

Shenzhen ECON Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 29, 2017

AC servo products for drilling and tapping machine

Drilling and tapping machine mainly use linear guide and lead ballscrew as transmission, and matched with 4 axis AC servo motor working synchronously,it can get a very high efficiency 






Interface for setting parameters


Control 4 axis AC servo drive and motor,and the other   I/Os

AC servo drive


4 axis for chamfer, drilling 1,drilling 2,tapping

The flow chart as below 


Product advantage

²  Compact size, compact structure, greatly saving installation space

²  Inertia identification and automatic gain function simplify the debugging process of the system.

²  Debugging software support, can carry on mechanical characteristic analysis, parameter setting, monitoring and other functions, the operation is simple and intuitive

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